About James

I’m a speech radio producer.

I have listened to all of the top 1000 albums of all time – according to besteveralbums.com.

No, I won’t remember listening to your favourite.

When I’m not working I’m hopefully playing cricket, or hoping to play cricket. The rest of the time I’m probably eating.

I’m slightly obsessed with telling appalling jokes.

I drink more tea & coffee in a morning than your average Italian does in a year.

I’ve been learning Spanish, very slowly, for the last five years. ¡Hola!

Biscuits are my Kryptonite.

I believe sport is there to be suffered, not enjoyed, which is why I support the football teams I do.

What People Say

He truly is a terrible human being.

Ghengis Khan

That is a terrible joke.

Dads everywhere.

You’re out.

Most umpires when he’s batting.

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